September 9, 2019

The Church of Christ in the End-Time is united in one Spirit. And, it was shown in the Porac Locale as they Celebrated their 1st Church Anniversary this last September 8, 2019 with the theme, “Striving to unite in the Spirit, through obedience to the apostle”. 68 brethren, new brethren and visitors who attended the gathering were truly blessed in this event.

 Porac 1st Church Anniversary

Sister Georgette led the congregation in praises and worship to the Lord. Afterwards, Pastor Boni Altura, the Head Minister of Angeles Locale, begun the seminar. The worship started in a graceful singing of psalms and hymns conducted by Sister Daisy Navarro who is also the master of ceremony of the event. Then, Pastor Ruth Bueron fervently led the brethren in opening prayer.

 Porac 1st Church AnniversaryPorac 1st Church Anniversary

Thereafter, Brother Henry ushered the congregation in reading of the Holy Scripture. Subsequently, Pastor Boni Altura delivered the offertory message. The Name of the Lord was magnified as Brother Boy, Brother Francis Francia and Sister Georgette offered song of praises. 

Porac 1st Church AnniversaryPorac 1st Church AnniversaryPorac 1st Church AnniversaryPorac 1st Church Anniversary

Finally, the Words of God was ministered by Pastor Joel Catamora, the Head Minister of Dau Locale. “Ang pakikipagkaisa sa espiritu ay pakikipagkaisa sa sugong appstol”, these powerful words encouraged each brethren to dedicate themselves in obedience to the sent ones of God. 

Porac 1st Church Anniversary

God worked mightily in this gathering. 23 visitors accepted our Lord Jesus Christ as their savior and 8 of them were baptized and added to the Church.

Porac 1st Church Anniversary