Cadets Camp Ends with Rejuvenated Spirits

The last day of Cadets Camp began with the sincere and humble prayers of the young campers. Pastor Cecile Mendoza and Pastor Mel Bigalbal continually encouraged the young delegates to manifest their faith and trust in God by always speaking with Him through prayer.   During the morning seminars, the children were spiritually fortified by Pastor Khate Saulog and Pastor …

The Word

Wow us with your The Word Contest

Here’s a high-resolution copy of the mechanics for the “Wow us with your The Word Story” Contest on April 22 during the National The Word Sunday. Download, include in your announcement and help us promote this contest in your local church.  

Summer Cadets Camp 2018 Day 3

Enthusiasm and Excitement Overflow on Day 3 of Cadets Camp

Waking up in high spirits, the delegates jumpstarted the day by entrusting it to God through prayer. Pastor Gemma Villanueva and Pastor Dante Acuña sympathetically discussed the privileges of prayer and its result when done according to God’s will. After breakfast, Pastor Dante Abainza and Sis. Eunice Quizol further equipped the campers with knowledge through their persuasive seminars. They tenderly …

Summer Cadets Camp 2018 Day 2

God-Given Talents Showered on Day 2 of Cadets Camp 2018

Guided to be prayerful and humble disciples of the Lord, these little campers woke up early in the morning to start the day with daily morning prayers.   Their services were divided into 2, Cadets A for ages 8-10 and Cadets B for Ages 11-12. Pastor Jeanette Capati and Pastor Mercy Abainza compellingly ministered the Word of God, implicating the …

Summer Cadets Camp 2018 Opening Service

Summer Cadets Camp 2018 Officially Opens

Aiming not only to strengthen their foundation in faith but also their companionship with their fellow campers, this year’s Cadets Camp will surely be jam-packed with fun filled yet friendly and edifying activities. Upon arriving, the young delegates can hardly contain their excitement manifesting their longing to do the will of God in spite their tender age. Little children and …

Summer Adult Camp 2018 Day 5

Campers with Newfound Spiritual Strength at Last Day

The last day of Adult Camp 2018 opened with the morning devotion. Pastor Cris Enriquez identified three traits that should characterize obedience. He said that we must observe obedience with sacrifice, fear, and humility. Pastor Leticia Ferriol also gave a rejoinder to the message. She emphasized the fact that prayer is a way of life in the End-Time.   After …